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South Warwickshire academy Trust is committed to ensuring the best possible opportunities and life chances for the most vulnerable children and young people within our region.


Outstanding leadership, teaching and governance will be at the centre of all of our work along with the development of partnerships across our community with parents and multi-professional partners.


South Warwickshire Academy Trust will enable our academies to work in collaboration with each other ensuring strong networks for improvement and at the same time accessing high quality professional development. We will use action research and the latest technological developments to enhance and enrich teaching and learning inside and outside the classroom. At the same time our academies will be held rigorously to account for the progress of all children and young people.


Our aim is to enable our children and young people as much as possible to live as independent adults who are proud of their role in society and are able to contribute to the lives of those around them.


Above all our academies will be places of happiness, joy and enthusiasm where children, young people and their families will be nurtured and supported to achieve the best possible outcomes for them.