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South Warwickshire Academy Trust

School Improvement Strategy

South Warwickshire academy Trust is committed to ensuring the best possible opportunities and life chances for the most vulnerable children and young people within our region.

Outstanding leadership, teaching and governance will be at the centre of all of our work along with the development of partnerships across our community with parents and multi-professional partners.

South Warwickshire Academy Trust will enable our academies to work in collaboration with each other ensuring strong networks for improvement and at the same time accessing high quality professional development.  We will use action research and the latest technological developments to enhance and enrich teaching and learning inside and outside the classroom.  At the same time our academies will be held rigorously to account for the progress of all children and young people.

Our aim is to enable our children and young people as much as possible to live as independent adults who are proud of their role in society and are able to contribute to the lives of those around them.

Above all our academies will be places of happiness, joy and enthusiasm where children, young people and their families will be nurtured and supported to achieve the best possible outcomes for them.

South Warwickshire Academy Trust will ensure excellent outcomes for children and young people through development of seven key areas:

Holding our academies to account

South Warwickshire Multi Academy Trust is accountable for the performance of each of the academies within the trust. Powers will be delegated to local governing bodies per the circumstances of each individual academy. A process of peer review supported by Directors and professional school improvement consultants appropriate to the needs of each academy will give SWAT and each academy with measures of performance and areas for development.

Peer Review

There will be an annual peer review of each academy mirroring the Ofsted framework. The duration of review and selection of professional consultant(s) will reflect the current Ofsted category of each academy.

A termly report on progress towards agreed school improvement targets will be presented to each academy’s Local Governing Body. All termly reports presented to SWAT Board of Directors.

On-going monitoring of each academy will be conducted by members of the senior leadership team, local level governors and representative senior leaders from each academy. Training and professional support will be given to all staff and governors carrying out monitoring visits to ensure rigour and challenge throughout the process and will therefore enable the appropriate levels of knowledge and understanding to ensure accurate judgement of the capacity of each academy to further improve and inform self-evaluation and planning.

Monitoring will be moderated across South Warwickshire Academy Trust to ensure consistent judgements about standards and will include:

  • Learning walks
  • Scrutiny of pupils’ work
  • Consultation with pupils, parents, staff and our community, through focus groups, working parties, student voice and surveys
  • Tracking of pupil progress
  • Lesson observations
  • Analysis of data relating to
    • Attendance
    • Behaviour and safety of pupils
    • Standards of teaching and learning
    • Outcomes for pupils
    • Professional development





Trustee Person Specification

The board of trustees considers the following as essential skills and attributes for membership of the Board:

Personal Qualities

  • Commitment to the ethos and values of the South Warwickshire Academy Trust
  • Commitment to the education and welfare of children and young people with SEND
  • Commitment to equal opportunities and the promotion of diversity
  • Independence of thought and sound judgment
  • Ability to work as part of a team
  • Commitment to seeking and taking account of the views of stakeholders (e.g. parents and pupils)
  • Respect for the work and views of other trustees and staff
  • Willingness to devote time, enthusiasm and effort to the duties and responsibilities of a trustee
  • Willingness to make and stand by collective decisions, even if offering an alternative view during discussions

Aptitude and Skills

  • Understanding and acceptance of the legal duties, responsibilities and liabilities of trusteeship
  • Ability to challenge current thinking, the method of governance and management of the Trust in a constructive manner and in the best interests of the Trust
  • Ability evaluate and interpret management information and other data/evidence
  • Ability to play a strategic role to successfully effect change and meet the objectives of the Trust
  • Eagerness to reflect and learn, even in the role of trustee


Specific professional knowledge and experience in at least one of the following:

  • Charity law and governance
  • Trusteeship or management of a complex organisation with multiple sites/subsidiaries
  • Financial expertise
  • Extensive expertise of school education in England
  • Data analysis and/or research expertise
  • The management of change
  • Monitoring and evaluating performance in the commercial and/or not for profit sectors
  • Recruitment and human resources expertise, including employment legislation
  • Business development experience/expertise
  • Risk management experience/expertise
  • Property and estate management
  • Marketing, media and PR
  • The education sector, schools and their curriculum at different key stages

Other Requirements

· Willingness to attend meetings of the Board and other meetings as required – there will usually be 6 meetings of the full trustee board per year and also committee meetings.

· Willingness to undertake training and participate in evaluation of the Board’s work

The Trust Board has a code of conduct underpinned by the seven principles of public life as identified by the Nolan Committee: selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty and leadership.

Our Trustees

South Warwickshire Academy Trust

Name and position

Appointed by and date

Declaration of Interest


Trustee/Governor in another academy


Martin John Watkins Grubb


8th  January 2018




2018 (100%)

2019 (100%)


Patricia Rita Knauff

(Vice Chair)

8th January 2018

Croft Property Developments ltd

(September 2020)


2018 (100%)

2019 (100%)


Joyce James

8th January 2018


Resigned 17th September 2019




2018 (100%)

2019 (60%)


Peter Robert Hearne

8th January 2018

Resignation 2019



2018 (100%)

2019 ((80%)

Ian Lumley

8th January 2018


Resigned 15th May 2018



2018 (75%)

Charlotte Williamson

15th May 2018



2018 (100%)

2019 (100%)

2020 (50%)

Suzanne Ebrey

18th September 2018

Resigned 17th September 2019



2018 (50%)

2019 (40%)

Eithne Lee

2nd April 2019

ISO Life Sciences Ltd (Director)

(September 2020)


2019 (100%)


Martin Henwood

17th September 2019

Appointment ended 1st December 2020

Cheshire West and Chester Council  Interim Corporate Finance Manager

Finishes end of November 2020

(September 2020)


2019 (100%)